About FNCB
We continue to outperform national and state collection benchmarks in a manner that is polite, ethical and effective.
Welcome to FNCB, INC.
A collection and receivables organization

First National Collection Bureau, Inc. (FNCB), is a family-oriented, privately held corporation that is based in Northern Nevada. FNCB has expanded its presence across the country due to its reputation for consistent success in helping its clients improve their cash flow via cutting-edge technology, advanced systems, creative customer-solutions, exemplary customer service and a dedicated, efficient personnel.

FNCB provides outstanding accounts receivable solutions that deliver successful results for clients nationwide while maintaining a high level of respect and service for its customers. First National Collection Bureau is a stable partner that can help.

Rising debts, overextended consumers, government bailouts and global financial crises make it harder than ever to collect on what is rightfully yours. FNCB is a national leader in the recovery of delinquent receivables. As one of the nation’s leading collection service firms, FNCB has decades of experience working with large and small businesses providing successful collection and asset recovery services.

FNCB was founded as a small private business over three decades ago. Since its inception FNCB has grown from four employees to a team of over 100 highly trained and dedicated team members. Our executive group of seven has over 160 years of combined experience in the financial industry.